CEIP Cruceiro de Canido, Spain

CEIP Cruceiro de Canido is a public school for Infants and Primary schools strategically located between two neighbourhoods in Ferrol. An entrance places us in the Canido neighbourhood and the main entrance gives us access to the Magdalena neighbourhood, in the center of the city.

It is a public school with students from 3 to 12 years (nursery from 3 to 6 and then primary from 6 to 12).

Attached to our school we have a reception center for children whose supervision is provided by the Xunta de Galicia  (Autonomic community) and a day-care center of the Provincial Council for families with few resources. Our staff of 8 teachers in Infant (2 support), 12 primary tutors, 2 English specialists, 2 Physical Education, 1 Music, 1 Catholic Religion, 1 Counsellor, 2 PT teachers, 2 from AL (one itinerant).

The staff is formed by 31 teachers:  eight of nursey education, thirteen who are tutors (that is, they are practically all morning with the students and teach the subjects of Science, Maths, and Languages), two physical education teachers, one music teacher, two English teachers, one catholic religion teacher,  a counsellor, a hearing and Language specialist and two therapeutic pedagogical teachers. Due to we also teach children with special educational needs (in Spain these students are integrated in normal schools) the school has two caretakers.

As non-teaching staff, we have an English-language conversation assistant, an administrator, and a janitor.

The City Council offers us a chess program so a chess teacher teaches half an hour classes one day a week from 6th grade to 3rd-grade Primary.

We have a bilingual  English section of arts in the first grade.  Being within the Autonomous Community of Galicia in primary school there is the Galician Language subject and the Natural Sciences, Social Sciences, and Music subjects are taught in Galician.

The day of the center is from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. We have a School Canteen with breakfast service from 7:30 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. and lunch from 2:00 p.m.. Teachers have to go also on Tuesdays afternoons to celebrate our meetings.

The school is formed by a big building in which are the classrooms, another one where are the library, the canteen, and an Assembly Hall. In a little house is the counsellor department. And a pavilion and two playgrounds (one for nursery and the other one for primary).


Beatriz Moreira Vilar

Hi, my name is Beatriz Moreira Vilar and I teach English in Primary and Infant and Art in the first level of Primary. This last subject is taught in two languages English and Spanish.

In my classes, I try to introduce the most important aspects from the English Language.

In the early stages of learning, the children achieve to understand the main idea of the message what is my goal. During the classes, everything is developed orally through games or interpersonal activities. At the time of beginning the class, we follow a routine through songs or chants, stories so that they internalize in a playful way aspects of the English language such as greetings, farewells, weather, days of the week…

Throughout the courses, students begin to work on written skills in both comprehension and expression. Although the comprehension and oral expression is the fundamental objective with easy and directed activities.

Luis Dopico Bores

I am an English teacher at CEIP Cruceiro de Canido in Ferrol (Spain). This is my fifth course working as a teacher and my first course in this school. It is also the first time that I participate in an Erasmus project. 

Brígida Anca Calvo (Bri)

I am a hearing and language teacher at CEIP Cruceiro de Canido (Spain). My work as a specialist in Hearing and Language consists of promoting and developing the prevention of language problems, the enhancement of communicative-linguistic capacities, and the solution of specific language and communication problems in this educational center.

María Ángeles Vilariño Piñeiro

I am María Ángeles Vilariño Piñeiro, but everybody calls me Mariam. I am in this project because I am responsible for the Web page of the school. I usually post the different contents of the school on the website. I also teach in the 4th grade of Primary Education, I am the tutor so I teach Sciences, Languages, Maths, and Arts.

Verónica Moscoso Martinez

Hello, I am Verónica Moscoso Martinez. I am the chief of studies at the school. I draw up prepare all schedules of the school´s teachers. I am also the tutor of a 4th grade course. I participated the last year in an Erasmus project.

Purificación Lobeiras Barro

My name is Purificación Lobeiras Barro, but please call me Candela. I am the tutor of the 6th grade. I like to work in this courses because I have to prepare my students for the Secondary School. I participated in two Erasmus projects and it was a fantastic experience.

Concepción Requejo Domínguez

I am Concepción Requejo Domínguez, my nickname is Conchi. I am the principal of the school and I also have to teach some subjects to complete my timetable. I participated in two Erasmus projects in a K1 and in a k2. As the principal of this school I try to participate in many innovation programs because I think is very interesting and enriching for our students.